Who can use Eco Cr?

Auto Transport Services
To replace the multitude of paper forms used by auto transporters, Eco Cr® allows drivers to conduct inspections of the vehicle directly on their iPhone. The heads-up-display for recording damage makes it incredibly easy and fast to inspect a vehicle. The inspection can then be added to a vehicle load list which is then viewed and signed for by the agent at the pickup location.  The Condition Report can then be emailed and shared as needed leaving behind no paper trail. Meet the power of paperless!
Automobile Dealerships
Auto dealers could use Eco Cr® to assess condition of vehicles coming in for service, used cars for sale, and customer trade-ins. Detailed reports created by Eco Cr® can be emailed to potential buyers of used vehicles. Eco Cr® can serve as a standardized condition report to be used when dealerships post vehicles for sale on Internet sites such as eBay Motors.
Insurance Companies
Insurance companies could use this app to have their agents complete an Eco Cr® for each vehicle involved in an accident claim.  This standardized condition report will give them all the detail they need to assess the dollar amount of the repairs needed.
Leasing Companies
Leasing companies can use Eco Cr to have their customers perform their own vehicle inspections at the end of the lease.  They can also have the dealerships where lease vehicles are returned complete an Eco Cr inspection when the customer returns the vehicle.  Leasing companies can require all employed auctions to have their transporters utilize this one standardized Eco Cr report to streamline their business processes.
Rental Car Companies
Rental car companies can use Eco Cr® to have their customers denote what damage is present on the rental car when taking possession of it. The rental customer is then protected from being blamed for damage that was pre-existing.  Having the current condition of the vehicle documented before it leaves their property protects the rental car company.
Personal Vehicle Sales
Individuals choosing to sell their vehicles independently or online can use Eco Cr® to show exactly what condition the vehicle is in and what damage exists in a clear, easy to read format.  The Eco Cr® report, with pictures, can be emailed to the perspective buyer or an Eco Cr® PDF file can be attached to their online listing.  Eco Cr® can also be an easy way to give accurate vehicle information to a dealership to obtain a trade-in value.
Repossession Companies
A repo company that is required to complete condition reports after vehicles get repossessed would greatly benefit from Eco Cr®. Our app is much faster, easier, and more fun than the paper forms most companies repossession currently use.
Auto Auctions
Auto auctions can benefit by using Eco Cr® because it enables them to have one standardized form to clearly document the vehicle’s condition at the time of pickup. They would no longer have to keep and file the paper copy of condition reports that are currently left in the vehicles. Auctions would automatically be notified when each vehicle is picked up and can swiftly update their system.