Eco Cr® IO ( is a vehicle inspection tool that eliminates the multitude of paper-based inspection forms for documenting vehicle condition and equipment details. Whether you are a professional or novice vehicle inspector, our Inspect Only app enables you to create and share professional condition reports with ease.

Eco Cr® IO is loaded with standard features that drive accuracy and efficiency in all facets of the vehicle inspection process. With a built in VIN barcode scanner and VIN decoder, Intuitive and Interactive Graphical Displays, Seamless Photo Integration, and Signature Capture; we make documenting vehicle damage and equipment fast, easy, and fun.


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Guided Tour

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Eco Cr® IO Features:

Elimination of Paper Forms
Create, Share, and Print PDF Condition Reports

One Standardized Report
One standardized condition report format that contains all pertinent information for all vehicles and all inspection cases

Company Branding
Condition Reports can be customized to automatically include Company Name/Logo and Terms/Conditions

AIAG Integration
Automatic Integration of AIAG Damage Codes for standardized damage descriptions

Photo Integration
Overall vehicle and damage area photos are seamlessly included in the reports

Increased Accuracy and Security
All reports are Time, Date, and GPS Location Stamped and cannot be edited once signatures are obtained

Accurate Reporting
Elimination of uncertainty regarding when, where, and what damage/equipment exists on a vehicle